Tuesday, 1 September 2015

WE Are the Gate-keepers. There is ONLY US !!

Action TALK !!!

EVERYONE can take part in this Action. We create BROADSPREAD GLOBAL AWARENESS about CSA and SRA in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada, where we KNOW this is happening!



Please join us in this action every day and help us create awareness of the extent of CSA and SRA in the UK to help SWAY the future decisions of the Courts of Royal Justice (CRJ) Judges, Lawyers, UK Police, Cafcass, Teachers, Church folk... that THESE CRIMES ARE happening in the UK right now, right under their noses.

The next time the custody case for the "Hampstead 2" comes up in early February 2016. By then, we want general awareness out there that Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is real...  We want the Judge to OVERTURN EVERYTHING that has gone before, and to ask for a full and thorough inquiry before making any decision to give A & G back to RD  :(



Through talking to friends, family, neighbours, random people in our village, people at the grocery store, discuss the reality of it with our family doctor,  our local community nurses, and put the pressure on your local politicians with your regular visits to his or her office about it.

We CAN bring a huge amount of pressure on ALL societal systems that WE The People PAY FOR - including the Home Office, Tavistock, Parliament, E-lizard and the WHOLE household including staff at Buckingham, and the old monarchies of Europe.

REMIND THEM - WE PAY YOU...  YOU ARE OUR Servants !!!  And don't back down.

Let them know what the relationship REALLY is !!  Be STRONG !!  :)

Only WE The People can DO this - the Zionist media isn't going to - by bringing this knowledge out into the FULL LIGHT of day, by TALKING.... Yes YOU !!  Get talking  :)

As a Community (yes, YOU!) we DO this every day from now on until February 2016 and continue to create awareness of the reality of CSA and SRA in the UK EVERY DAY, and bring that KNOWLEDGE to people all around us, EVERY DAY.

There's ONLY US.  There is nobody else...  It's UP TO US !!

.... 151 days and counting, until February 1, 2016.







  1. Great stuff , i have my own page and im very verbal in my community about this. I think thats great what you are doing, and i wish every , mother , father, uncle , aunt ect would get together for the children. Im definatley in

    1. Thank you Amanda for your reply. Yes... What you're doing on a Micro-level in your community is exactly what i'm doing here on this blog, but a Macro-level and directed to the world. My singular focus is to encourage people to be active as you are right now Amanda. It will take every one of us Taking Action as YOU are Amanda to get this Word out there. Wonderful efforts! Thank you :)

  2. It must be remembered that we have NO billions of dollars of budget, no TV stations, no Newspapers, no Radio stations or other Print Media publications at our disposal. This is part of the "Demon" we are up against. For every bit of PROPAGANDA these avenues spit out to The People of the world - lulling them back to sleep and telling them that "everything is fine... just keep going to work so we can harvest your energy..." - for EVERY bit of propaganda, WE need to be there to counter it and help The People around us see how they have been manipulated to beLIEve LIES !!!

    Everything is NOT Ok !!! And we need to tell The People of the world - and in most particular, The People of the UK... Tell them: "Something is VERY WRONG with this picture and WE as a global community, are DOING something about it !! We need a general over-all Waking-Up and Shaking-Up of the population. Can you help me?" Ask them if they've got balls big enough... or sentiments to that effect. This work is not for the faint-hearted... but the quietest person you know might be the one that's MOST willing to do the job, so don't discount anyone. Talk to everyone you know....

    This is the line of conversation people need to be having in their neighbourhoods and with their extended family members... "Can you help me? ... because there IS a LOT we can do together." Let them know they are part of a global network, all RISING UP at the same time. They are not alone. These are not isolated actions - And what they DO today with leaflets and fliers (coming soon for you to print off) in Lancashire, Suffolk and Dorset, is happening right now in Denver Colorado, Wellington New Zealand, and Cape Town South Africa !! We are ALL in this TOGETHER... for the Awakening of Britain, and the Awakening of the world to the TRUTH of what is happening to our children and little ones, and to the unborn babies who have not yet drawn first breath. Only WE can stand for these little ones. It is UP TO US !!

    More about our Future Actions soon. Details coming... For now >> START TALKING !! :)

    On behalf of Ella and Abe, thank you to ALL the People who have already started doing ACTIONS in your community. Thank you so much for helping to rid the world of these DEMONS. We WILL BANISH them... They ARE being Banished right now !! There is NO PLACE for them to dwell on planet Earth any longer. Their days of inhabiting the bodies of Human Kind will be no more !!

    - And why are we called "Human Kind" ?? Well, because HUMANS ARE KIND !! So Whatever or Whoever it is that inhabits the bodies of humans to make them LESS than Kind (ie: sadistic), is of NO HUMAN ORIGIN. This is what we are up against... And is why we also need to REMAIN STRONG !!


    The only way for all this to happen and to get the job done, is for ALL PEOPLE to CONTRIBUTE their efforts. This battle is OURS !! - It does not belong to any other. WE created it !! We now have to take RESPONSIBILITY for it !!

    Are we going to step up to the plate... ??
    - or are we going to ALLOW these RAVAGES to continue ??

    It's up to us!
    <3 <3

  3. I set up a group " Have your Say " in February in light of the Hampstead Child abuse allegations...To spread the word of what is really going on in our Country....Should we set up an event page now to arrange for people to turn up at the court hearing in February.It will give people the chance to book day of work etc etc. and we can monitor numbers.... and really have a large impact ...outside the court... This really does make my blood boil and I want to do everything I can to make this stop....

    1. That is a BRILLIANT Action Stephanie :) Yup !! Are you able to create some text? I have a poster-maker I can call on... so just the text is needed. Suggestions for images are most welcome. The specific date is unknown - around end Jan-beginning of Feb ?? Or if Barnet Council decide to keep the children in Care for 12 months (apparently they said 6-12 months), the custody hearing won't be until August 2016. But certainly, we can set all this up in advance and put a ball-park date on the poster... and insert the correct dates when we know :)