Tuesday, 15 September 2015

SPANISH translation of the Video on its way. MORE Translators NEEDED !!!

I received very good news this morning in my Messages on Facebook...

"Hi Bronwyn, i'm busy translating the video in the link you sent me in my spare time (I work full time)."

THIS is how we DO it. We just DO it !!

You don't need "permission" from me. You won't need to get instructions, generally. You'll find all "instructions" on this blog. Then just follow your initiative.

Just find your PASSION - and DO it. 

And please let me know you're doing it so we can all be encouraged. Thank you <3

Now Please ...

Urgently needed... A Spanish-speaking Video-Maker with Espanol characters on their keyboard, who can turn our English language video into one with Spanish subtitles. You can do this once the Spanish transcription is finished by our kind volunteer here. Your Spanish language knowledge can be quite Elementary, so long as you know enough to accurately insert the subtitles into the right places on the video. 

Thanks   : ) 

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