Saturday, 12 September 2015

Creative WRITERS. Every LANGUAGE. Tight Copy for POSTERS and FLIERS

We need Creative Writers to come up with a range of text for our Posters and Fliers...  We would LOVE a whole bevvy of creative writers from every language under the sun to write copy for our fliers, in YOUR language...

We have the assistance of a Poster Artiste who can make our colorful online posters. We will also be advertising for people who know how to make Black & White fliers that people can print off from the comfort of their own home printer.

The B & W fliers can be made in a variety of dimensions, such as:

>>  6-7 long horizontal strips down an A4 page. These would be perfect for putting under car window wipers.

>>  4 small fliers on an A4 page. These would be A6 size and would be perfect to sit in a church foyer or to hand out to people in the street.

>>  A5 posters with a few more design elements and information on them, for community noticeboards and small display spaces

>>  A4 posters can be a bit more decorative and eye-catching, perhaps with B & W and color options, and with quite a bit more information on them about the Hampstead case.

We need text on the smaller hand-out fliers that would be appropriate across a large range of situations. For example... Please be mindful, all these are basic drafts...

Straight-up informational
"London UK children testify to Satanic Sex Cult in 2014 video. NOW ABDUCTED by the State."

For Church foyers:
"UK Children caught in a Satanic horror story... Please pray for us."

For Rock concerts: 
"Children ABUSED by UK father in a Church of Satan."

Community Agencies (UK): 
"CAFCASS STOLE OUR CHILDREN... Our story might help you."

Community Agencies (NZ version): 
"CAFCASS (CYFS) STOLE OUR CHILDREN in the UK... Help us. STOP these governmental policies coming to NZ as well."

So if you're a whizzy-creative type who can squeeze a lot of imagery into a 20-word sentence, this project could be for you.  It would be great to think of 20+ different scenarios and write tight text appropriate for these...   The numbers of posters and fliers we can make available for people to print could be infinite.  People could just print off the pages that are most suitable for their situation then.  So we need LOTS of different text...

eg: for a UK shopping centre  (rough draft)
Sorry for interrupting your shopping... But did you know that One child every 4 minutes is abducted in the UK and is never heard of or seen again? 
Find out more about the Satanic Cult that was uncovered in London (UK) in 2014 - here... (links) 
Help us tell the world about this - here... (links)

eg: for a USA shopping Mall   (rough draft)
Sorry for interrupting your shopping... But did you know that One THOUSAND children vanish in the USA every week (FBI figures), and are never seen again?  
Find out more about the Satanic Cult that was uncovered in London (UK) in 2014 here... (links) 
Help us tell the world about this here... (links)

eg: for a Canadian shopping Mall  -  find current statistics

eg: for an Australian shopping Mall - find current statistics


These fliers need to be short and snappy. 

They don't have to tell the whole story...  They just need to be an "attention-grabber".  And then people will find their way to the links for themselves.

We NEED to tell the Whole World about the Hampstead Cover-up. This public opinion will HUGELY SWAY the way the judge rules over the custody case in London on February 2016.

Only WE The People can create this Groundswell of 
Feeling and OUTRAGE.  It's up to us !!

Please contribute your skills and come up with 
GREAT COPY for our Fliers and Posters.  Thank you   :)

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