Monday, 7 September 2015

NOW is the Time to STAND !!! The days of SPECTATING are OVER !!!


"Am I going to TAKE A STAND... ??  Or do I continue being a SLAVE?"

The biggest thing that OPPT, the "One People's" movement (2013) did for me, 
was to show me how to STAND !!

We don't need Permission to DO anything !! 
We ARE the ANSWER to ALL problems that exist.  

The only reason why banksters and corporations get away with 
the things they do is because The People PERMISSION IT !!

Heather Tucci Jarraf of OPPT really woke me up out of my "dream" and the beLIEf I held that people can do nothing against this system. I now KNOW that WE The People ARE EVERYTHING !!!! We need to intensify in our Personal INTERNAL STAND, and declare inside ourselves...

"I AM" !!  

I AM "IT"  

The buck stops here !! 

This sort of thinking definitely sets us on the way to freedom from this system. "The system" is found in our ENTIRE MACRO-SYSTEM... in EVERYTHING around us and in EVERYTHING we do:
We work as slaves for slave wages, we tolerate banking and share market jack-ups, we buy into their "entertainment" = propaganda, distraction and false "culture-making", we comply with the global insurance scam, we eat poisoned food and drink, we buy the processed garbage we call "groceries", we allow pillaging of our resources, and put up with commodities market shams - petrol, gold, silver, grains... we turn a blind eye to corporations stealing water from indigenous peoples, we MAKE our children go to THEIR "conditioning" schools, we accept hospitals as killing grounds that take NO RESPONSIBILITY for "misadventure", we agree to suppression of natural healing methods and denigrate such methods to "quackery", we submit to the "law", to courts and prisons which are all a money-making crock, we meekly pay various sorts of registrations every year that tell us we are allowed to use the very things we PAID FOR from the sweat of our labours, we complicantly pay for over-priced power, energy, phones. We beLIEve the HORRENDOUS lies the media sells us, we vote for MPs and PMs who are no more than "plants" installed by the corporations in our various countries... We cave in to local council LIES as they squeeze more and more money out of us to pay for LOANS THEY decided to take out - not us !! And yet they are not obliged to take any responsibility for those decisions ... We send our young children and babies away, out of our arms, and off to an early childhood care centre. WE leave our children in the hands of other people to raise, so WE the parents can go to work to pay the mortgage !!! ???

What... ???  There's something DEFINITELY wrong with this picture... or hadn't you 'noticed' ??
The "problem" is IN EVERYTHING.  
And WE ALLOW it !!

Note: People have a tendency to run after the "money solutions".
MONEY is NOT the solution. Here is the Solution !! >>

Change ME - Change YOU - Change US on the INSIDE !!  
We DO this ourselves !!  
There is no way these structures can continue to STAND 
when we Stand in FULL INTEGRITY of Who We BE !!  
WE don't ALLOW THESE ABUSES Any Longer !! 

Our enemies are the Black Babylonian Magicians who set this all up in around 5000 BC.


- Papa Tuwharetoa (May 30, 2012)

We Must STAND. 

Rise up NOW or forever be in slavery... 


If you don't know what it means yet to "Take Your STAND!", learn from these 12-year old young people in Aotearoa and they will show you HOW to TAKE YOUR STAND !!  You just TAKE IT. You don't ask for permission first!  - TAKE IT !!

Badass kids from New Zealand Haka at school.

Published on Oct 15, 2012
Best haka face off ever

This is serious !! This isn't "acting". This isn't "performance" or "entertainment". This is how we bring up our children here in Aotearoa...  to STAND UP and BE HEARTY and bring them-selves to the table in FULL INTEGRITY of EVERYTHING they BE !!  They BRING IT ALL and lay it down. NOBODY MISTAKES who they are... This is the stuff our All Blacks are made of.

BE in THIS ENERGY...  Watch it...  Feed on it...  Take it in...  
And ALLOW these young people to TEACH YOU once again Who You ARE.

They use sound vibration and the intonation of their VOICE, they use their WORDS, they use their BODIES, they use their CONNECTION to Earth and Sky. They use the POWER of their INTENTION. You can feel it, even in these little ones.

Worlds Cutest Haka! By the Ngati Toa Three Year Olds

Published on Jun 23, 2013

These boys are the youngest haka team in the world (average age 3 years old) with their powerful innovative and creative rendition of KA MATE KA MATE!!
Video Copyright - Search4me.Ltd

These are our TRIBAL ROOTS... our Celtic roots... our Gaelic roots...
The roots of EVERY INDIGENOUS TRIBE that ever walked this planet.

Yes... that's YOU !!  

This is ALL of us...  

against the engines of The Corporation; 
Full of BRAVERY, full of STRENGTH and STAMINA 
- without Corruptibility!

This is Who We ARE at our CORE !!

RISE UP !!  

As our Ancestors taught us to do...

600+ Maori Warriors Kapa Haka Gate Pa Commemoration 2014

Published on Apr 30, 2014
Commemorating the 1864 War between Maori and the white colonisers who had cheated tangata whenua out of their ancestral homelands.

Let the vibration of these sounds FILL your bodies...
THIS is Who You Are in relation to Earth (matter) and Sky (etheric realm). This is where we need to take our game to. BE THAT !! I Am Warrior, standing in FULL INTEGRITY of Who I BE !!

is what the Maori people of Aotearoa have taught the new settlers to these lands... and they now teach all cultures the world over. There are many Chinese faces among these boys.
If people of the ancient gentle Chinese culture can learn how to STAND, so can YOU !!


Published on Jun 25, 2014

Auckland Grammar and King's College face-off with their traditional haka in one of our SKY Sport College Rugby feature matches. This is why we love Land Rover 1st XV Rugby...
Spine tingling.



Ella's lawyers are back in court, 
contesting RD for custody of The Children.


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