Saturday, 19 September 2015

The People's Assemblies: Take Collective Action. "Go in on YOUR terms."

Action:  Please read and get to know the "Common Law Community Training Manual".  
Start forming Communities with the people who live in your locality.

From 39:00 onwards...  We can apply these Principles for the Hampstead Actions.

Take note of "three points in guerrilla warfare"...

The people need to learn to wield and hold power for themselves.

"Keep your organisation decentralised. Get more and more people involved...  It's up to the community to take Action for themselves. We're not going to be your leaders...  We are activating the Consciousness within every Man, Woman and Child. 
"Most important is to get the ideas out. Thomas Payne:  'An army of principles can penetrate whereas an army of soldiers can not.'  We've got to get our ideas out in a massive way... then people will be thinking and those ideas will germinate, then they will take action for themselves."  - Kevin Annett.  August 16, 2015

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