Wednesday 2 September 2015

PART 1/3. Facebook: Get Posts SEEN. Share to Groups from your Timeline

Action:  Learn how to Share to Facebook Groups from your Timeline using your Share button, and then your share (small 's') button. Yes, you've got TWO Share/share buttons on every post on your Timeline. You only see the second one once there is a Share on that post.  YOU can make that Share. You don't have to wait for somebody else to do it. 

Also: When you've finished reading this, go to Part 2/3 HERE and Part 3/3 HERE

Note: Most phones do not show both of these buttons, but you may find other buttons available to you, so please look around. Please use whatever elements of this method you can and develop your own method for efficient Sharing depending on what you can access on your device.

PLEASE make sure you only send these posts (1/3, 2/3, 3/3) out on CSA & SRA communities, please. I give you this information to help US improve the odds of our Hampstead Cover-up and related posts being seen, not so we can start an "information war" with every other Truther movement on Facebook.  Thanks  :)  Please respect this request.

The method i'll show you is a "manual method".  If you're quite tech-savvy, you might like to try out some of these multi-share apps. as I found on this website.  Also, button placement on your device may be slightly different from country to country, so do your best and have a look around to see what's available to you on your screen.


At the end of 2013, Facebook began to play with the visibility of posts we were putting up on our Timelines (Wall). This reduced visibility included posts Shared back to our Timelines. Our Friends are no longer seeing our Posts or Shares in their Home "News Feed".

Over the 2-3 months from November 2013 to March 2014, the visibility of posts on Timelines was gradually reduced down to as little as < 3%. I did a couple of "test posts" to verify this figure. I was not seeing certain Friends' posts anymore at all. This was VERY noticeable to me in February 2014. If this was happening at my end, my Friends also were not seeing my posts. There had to be a way to even up the odds, so I developed a little system that does just that. It's pretty simple once you get to know it but for a start, you might feel like your brain is going to explode. Push on through that feeling - your brain is just creating new synaptic pathways for you. It won't take long for that overwhelmed feeling to fade, but you do have to push on through to gain mastery, and then you're away  :)

The ZioNAZI sheep herders:

What had happened in Nov 2013 - March 2014 was: The people were "sheeple" herded into nice little pens that gave the illusion we were talking to someone. What we didn't know was that we were now actually talking to ourselves on our Timelines. Nobody was seeing our posts. The problem with something like a 3% "Reach" (visibility) is that your post might be "delivered" (digitally) on the Home News Feed of somebody with NO interest in that topic at all. So they won't take any notice of your post  :(   So you may as well just be talking to yourself. That's why nobody's talking to you. That's why nobody is Liking your posts (I "Like" your posts as this is a part of this method i'm going to show you). The reason why your Friends don't like your post? It's simply because they CAN'T SEE YOU - unless of course if you're ultra-famous or got a good following of >5000 Friends and post most every day, or if somebody comes straight to your Timeline - but people hardly ever do that. People tend to stick around their News Feed and on Groups...

I saw this decline in Views (or "Reach") happening as I was running a Page back in December 2013. All sorts of things started going on in the "back room" of Pages that had not been there before. Facebook had monetised!  The Page template on Facebook is now geared to businesses, and if you want your business Fb Page to be seen, you have to pay $$$ to get your post "Boosted" to a specified so many thousands of people. Facebook had made a shift, and was no longer about "the community"... It definitely had it's eye on "the dollar".  At the same time this happened on Pages, I realised the same reduction in Views came into effect all over Facebook. I was no longer seeing the posts of LARGE NUMBERS OF MY FRIENDS and therefore, they were no longer seeing me.

There had to be a way to Even-up these Odds...
So I developed a little system that I am about to share with you over the next few posts.

The first thing you need to do is join Groups - preferably an assortment of UK groups of various kinds. The UK is our target audience for "Hampstead Cover-up" posts. All you need is some places where you can get a foot in the door to a wider audience, and where you can start developing relationships with the people on those groups. We really want to reach people who haven't heard about the "Hampstead 2" before. THAT IS our target audience: People who have heard nothing about this at all. The Groups you join could range from an MSM newspaper/publication, a nurse's union, a Buy Sell and Swap, a University psychology department, a kindergarden or childcare centre, or a parents' communications network such as "What's on 4 me?"

Note: There are HUNDREDS of "What's On 4 Me" Groups on Facebook, for all localities in the UK.  Just use the Search box on Facebook and enter "What's On 4 Me" + a town name. Go gentle... go easy... and slowly introduce your message to the mums and dads on those groups about what's REALLY going on in the UK right now. I really wish this group of new parents wasn't our target audience, but sadly they are one of our PRIME demographic groups we want to give this information to. These mums and dads need to know the realities of what's going on in UK "Social Services" atm, mainly for their own protection as they continue the journey of parenting. So please be extra careful in the way you post and the conversations you start up on Groups such as "What's On 4 Me?"  NO INFORMATION BASHING PLEASE !!  - Greatest delicacy required... Thank you.

Once i've finished writing it, please continue on to "Part 2" in this series, which is about how to find Groups on Facebook using the Search bar (available in approx. 12 hours). Please go ahead and play around in Search yourself...  Just enter a city name or a town name + child abuse, or + parents, or + CSA or SRA, and you might be surprised at what you find  :)

Thank you.

Please note:  A "Page" (or 'Community') is not a "Group" on Facebook. Both of these are very different things and function very differently. When I talk about Pages or Groups all through these articles, I am very specifically referring to one of these, but not the other.

Please find Part 2/3 HERE and Part 3/3 HERE.  Thanks 


  1. I am in Thailand...where Mr Dearman is no longer welcome. I really hope DHL start using dogs as well to detect body parts since the finding of a babies head and human heart/skin etc. last year.
    I want to do something, I don't know what but do some reblogging......

    1. Thanks for the updates Kim. Are you able to dig a bit more into the Thai situation? It would be wonderful to get this info from 'our reporter on the ground' in Thailand re: updates of the baby-rapers going down :) Thank you. I've got at least two blogs I can publish your research on. That would be a brilliant start. So anything really... how the courts are handling these cases, what the police are doing, community initiatives creating awareness of child sexual abuse and baby sacrifice... community initiatives where the people are taking 'justice' measures themselves! ALL of this would be great :) Thank you for joining your efforts with ours Kim :) Stay in touch.

    2. Oh right... I've basically been out of the loop since last November. What's the story with tRicky D.Man no longer being welcome in Thailand? Good news! The U.S.A. needs to close its door to RD as well. He's an 'unwell' man :( He needs a little time out in a padded cell in a straight jacket... and a preacher who has no fear of "Legion". There will be many demonic entities to call forth... I've seen a very particular one before I fell asleep one night. Nasty, nasty business! RD is a very frickin' nasty piece of work. He won't let the demonic entities go easily... They create an addiction inside you and a lust for power... But let his demonic familiars go, he must!