Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Just find your PASSION - and DO it.

Action:  Create a dance, a piece of poetry, write a song, write a speech, make a sculpture, create a drawing, make a painting, a tapestry, a work of weaving, make photographic images, make posters, write a song, write poetry, a short story, compose a piece of orchestral music...  

>>  Workshop a stage play, a screen play, make a video of the creations described above, of what The People are bringing to the world. 


WE ALL need to continue to add to the Conscious Awakening and Awareness of what is actually going on in our world...

- the KILLING and RAPE of little babies and SODOMISING of 

young children in occult, ritual events.

Dedicate all these things to Alisa and Gabriel and describe in your works the plight of what these children had to live through and endure since they were three and four years old... And dedicate your works to the plight of ALL CHILDREN in the UK who suffer these abuses on a daily basis !!

Tell the world !!

- by whatever means you have available to you...


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