Thursday, 17 September 2015

Personal Testimonies... CSA, SRA and Forced Adoption

Action:  Write your personal testimony up this weekend so other people can see what has been and what IS ACTUALLY going on in the world, within "ordinary" households. Young authors welcome. 

  • You may write under a nom de plume if you wish. Please include your REAL general location, eg: Cornwall - or if you don't feel safe with this just say, "South West England".
  • These stories will probably be put onto another blog and linked to this one...     eg: "The People's Stories - CSA & SRA"
  • Contributions of stories from the UK and outside of the UK are most welcome

What is your personal testimony of Child Sexual Abuse, Ritual Abuse or Forced Adoption?

- either your own childhood testimony

- a testimony as an onlooker of something you have seen

- a testimony of a parent whose child has been abused

I already have around 5 of these stories in the pipeline from people who have made personal contact with me on Facebook.  The world NEEDS to know YOUR story.

If you do not have a Facebook account, please contact me in comments below. If you leave me an email address to get back to you, I won't publish the comment.

The sorts of things adults do to children are SO heinous and so "out of this world" that many people simply can not digest that it's really going on.  Your story will help others REAL EYES that these things ARE happening in our own streets, globally.

The estimate is that one in four adults in the UK have been sexually abused... so there's around 15 MILLION stories out there !! That's a truck load !!

Please submit your story asap. We need your story to keep building the Wave we are creating for a Global Awakening that, "These things are real..."

Thank you so much.

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