Monday, 14 September 2015

Thank you blog authors for Redirecting Traffic to "Hampstead Actions"

Thank you for redirecting traffic to the “Hampstead Actions” blog. 

The blog is mine. I created it. Ella and Abe had a look at it after i’d put up the first post. We talked about some of the ideas I had to help people become directly involved – a global initiative. They were happy with that, and off I went. None of the ideas have come from Ella and Abe, but they have been EXTREMELY happy with what I am doing...

I’m very much for people “contributing”, ref: Ubuntu Contributionism, and have for many decades been a proponent of Affirmative Action initiatives. 

I see no point in large numbers of people sitting on their hands continually reading blog posts and websites, while we continually FEED them, MORE and MORE... just to satisfy their gluttony. People have become accustomed to being spoon fed and “forget” that they could easily be DOING something that would have an impact on the Global Structures.

That’s what the “Hampstead Actions” blog is all about... Giving people ideas of how they can participate. Ella and Abe don’t seem to know how online media works in terms of grabbing a hold of, and keeping an audience’s attention. I did a Journalism course here in NZ last year and have been engaging on Forums, blogs, Facebook since late 2010 – so I have ideas a-plenty. That's how and WHY this blog started. I could see a gap in our efforts and endeavours... This IS an Actions initiative. 

Please ANYONE...  feel free to contact me if you have any ideas yourself of Actions people could be DOING. We simply need to keep undermining the foundations of this House of Cards, and it WILL Fall Down...  Babylon IS Falling !!

I agree... The story of the "Hampstead Cover-up" had every potential to be AMAZING !! But there was no leadership from the front. THIS has most certainly been my message to Ella and Abe of late:  "It’s time for them to step out of the shadows and start bring us updates from their OWN mouths... Enough already of ‘bandying information about’ and having it put out into the public eye by some Third Party." I fully agree with people there... 

They need to Man Up and take the lead !!

For me, Hampstead is the crowbar needed to lift the rock labelled: 

“The Over-Arching macro-systems that govern this world”

These macro-systems have come about by very sneaky, deceptive means indeed – as Anastasia the Powerful and at times Psychologically VIOLENT warrior of the Vedrus tells us in “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” books.  Some people have entirely the wrong idea about Anastasia. When you read the books, you'll certainly understand what I mean. As much as she is a "fairy book" personality, you don't want to get in her way !!!

The Veil is Lifting. The People are seeing...  AND we need to keep APPLYING ourselves - every One of us... not just the bloggers, the video-makers, the politicians, the news reporters... but EVERYONE !! 

We ALL have a part to play in creating this 
Wave of Consciousness that will sweep the planet.

Also: Please don’t listen to those people who would whisper in your ear about me.  I’ve blocked many Trolls... many fence-sitters... many rubber-neckers.  I even block generally annoying people who "don't get it" and who hold me up in chat   :-/  I really don’t have the Time or the Energy for them, so they get moved on pretty quickly by me.

As well: English “nicety” meets NZ Colonial “brashness” doesn’t suit the UK audience. I’ve traditionally had a U.S. audience on my blogs. Only the English seem to cling to their "Tavispeak" for dear bloody life, and DO NOT call "a Spade a Spade".  Baffling behaviour !!!

- Everyone else in the Western world just calls it what it is.... Or haven't you noticed ??  And so do I.  And screw people if they don’t like it !!  I don't expect to be everybody's "cup of tea"...  and you certainly won't find me crying into MY cup of tea if I can't "please" you. It's not my problem.  Grow up... and SEE things for what they ARE !!!!

The “blood red” on the blog is absolutely on purpose...  to REMIND us of the ACTUALITY of what we're fighting against...  and because it’s the colour of “urgency”  >>>

We now only have 4.5 months until the 

Custody case comes up again in London.  

Tick-tock… Tick-tock... 

Are you just going to keep Spectating ?? Or are you actually going to “BE the Change” as Ghandi told us to be ??  It’s up to us to bring that change in through the door !! There are no saviours outside of ourselves !!  It’s up to us !!

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