Thursday, 10 September 2015


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Published on Mar 9, 2015
Supporters of the Draper Children Alisa & Gabriel

These are the testimonies of two London (UK) Primary School children, a boy aged 8 years and a girl aged 9 years old.  These testimonies were recorded in August-September 2014 by their Russian mother Ella Gareeva (previously Draper) and her English partner of 12 months, Abraham Christie. The videos were released online in February 2015 by a third party.

The man the Children refer to as "Papa" is their English father.  "Papa" means "Dad" in Russian. It is this man, the children's own "Papa" the children say have been their abuser, from when they were 3 and 4 years old. This is a VERY bad man, and a very influential man with a large Satanic Cult following in London, the greater UK and throughout pedophile circles world wide. He runs a child pornography operation producing videos and advertising children that pedophiles can abuse. He HAS to be STOPPED.

The father is attempting to gain Custody of the children, who are currently in Foster Care in the south of England which is a known honey-pot region for pedophiles. The children in fact might still be being abused, even though they are in foster "care".  UK police removed the children from their mother's care in September 2014, even though the children had NEVER named her as committing any offense against them. On August 6, 2015, a UK judge put the case off until early February 2016. The People of the World now have a window of opportunity for the next 5 months, to get this information out to ALL the World. This work is HIGHLY NECESSARY.  We need to work efficiently, and FAST !!

When we Share this information on Social Media, talk about it to people face-to-face, print and distribute fliers, phone radio stations and write letters to newspapers and our local politicians, we put pressure on ALL of those organisations who are currently trying to SUPPRESS this information from going out abroad.

We CHALLENGE the Media, the Politicians, the Police and we also CHALLENGE public opinion - whose tendency is to DENY such things are going on in the world. It is up to OURSELVES - this Community of People who now see this information - to maintain the pressure! These EVIL PEOPLE can NO LONGER hide or silence this case. These children and THOUSANDS of Children all over the world every week are being abused by Satanists and other groups of pedophiles. It's time we OPENED our eyes, and SEE the REALITY of what's happening RIGHT NOW in our world.


Only through The People (us) keeping the PRESSURE ON will we be able to defeat this Baphomet who continues to Strive with humanity, right to this day !!

WE END IT NOW...  THROUGH OUR ACTIONS !! (background Feb-April on this blog)

Thank you all  <3


  1. This case is the reason we should all be saying No !!! No more are we gonna be not heard ! I reported a santantic peodophile ring to the police, social services and the government back in November 3 rd 2013, And guess what Hertfordshire and metropolitan police are all corrupt, social services were evening working with the ring, how has any child got a chance ? Us as the people to stand together and say No more !!!!

    1. Thank you Unknown. We need to hear your story. I have three people in the pipeline now who are writing up their stories so the world REALLY KNOWS what's going on. Too much has been swept under the carpet now. We need to bring it right out into the open. WE are the new media. Tell the world our stories. I'm certainly happy for you to write under a nom de plume. I'd love to hear your story. Please contact me on Facebook. Leave a message below if Fb is not good for you. Thanks, Bron