Monday, 28 September 2015

Where did we go wrong ?? Compare Hampstead vs. European directives. Why ???

Action: Take your head out of the sand. Demand CHANGE. Talk to your local politician. Put pressure on the Authorities !!

As Deborah says in this video:  Make a noise.  Ask questions

  • Demand that Britain immediately applies EU Child Protection directives 
  • Demand immediate protection of all the children involved in this case 
  • Demand immediate arrest of suspects so they can be proven either guilty or innocent

1000 children a month are being removed from British homes.

Children right this minute are in danger.

Hampstead: Why We Can't Ignore It.

Published on Sep 24, 2015


The stealth privatisation of children’s services

Convention on the Rights of the Child

How London became the child abuse capital of the world:

A good father and a victim of a Hoax BBC Interview

EU Child Protection Directives

Crime Report: Official conspiracy to protect and defend a Hampstead Paedophile/Cult Ring
and thereby leave multiple children at continued risk and serious harm

I am depending on YOU to be my voice...

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  1. Thank you Bronwyn for your much appreciated help in raising the alarm - the real issue of our children's rights is presently being hidden behind mirrors and smokecreens that focus on historical crimes and the abusers - the National child abuse Inqiry is another smokescreen because really, the fact is, if Britain implemented EU CP Law, the problem would already be properly getting addressed and what will the results of their Inquiry be except to make the POINT that we our children NEED EU CP Law? We cannot wait for the results of an Inquiry, Child Protection Law is needed ASAP.