Sunday, 13 September 2015


Action:  Are you able to read in English then translate into another language? This project would be ideal for a group of people to undertake, then you can divide the work up.

This video is in English language. We first need a TRANSCRIPT of it in ENGLISH, then we can give these English print transcripts to people who can TRANSLATE into their own language. 


Published on Mar 9, 2015

PLEASE MAKE VIRAL, supporters of the Gareeva Children 

Satanic sexual abuse ritual has been going on for Centuries...


  1. Bronny, are you mentally ill? Abraham and Ella are laughing at you. They will dispose of you like a shitty babies nappy when they have finished using you. They always like mentally ill people to do their dirty work for them.

    1. What makes you think I take my "orders" from Ella and Abraham, Ricky Dearman?
      I follow No Man !!

    2. Kia ora Bronnynz you go girl these PARASITES are being exposed to all our natives as we speak anddd they are pissed big time, they are law makers over the Native title, and want this shit cleaned up for ever.

    3. BRILLIANT !! The rising Global Awareness about the Hampstead Satanic Child Abuse and Baby Sacrifice cult is resonating through to many, many sectors where there is Intelligent Human Life. We DO NOT KNOW the IMPACT we are having, the world over. This is WHY it's SO IMPORTANT for people to keep Sharing, keep Talking, keep Posting, keep putting this information in front of our Friends and Whanau faces... because we don't know whose ears our message is coming to, who we are touching, or what sectors of society we are Challenging and catalysing Changes within. Your work sound brilliant emwkkt2. Thank you. I STAND with you !!

      You are a BRIGHT SHINING LIGHT for ALL indigenous nations to follow. The People WILL take back The Earth !! Papatuanuku will cry out in agony no more for the ills her children do to their little ones :( We need to be Mind Full: It will take ALL of our Efforts to SHIFT this demonic Energy-vibe off this planet !! - This Lovelessness !! So we can't just sit back and think "somebody else is taking care of that." This mahi needs ALL of our Efforts !! Each one of us - a Man, a Woman, a seer, a prophet, a Warrior swinging his taiaha !! ALL of our inputs are needed to FREE ourselves from these layers and layers and layers of corruption, indecency, crime, abhorrence, murder, corruptibility, arrogance, lies, cheating, hurt, harm, terror, dissassociative mind-states that result in a new generation of unfeeling psychopathic "humans". WE STAND against all things that would harm out little mokopuna and all future generations. It's true !! We FIGHT FOR OUR BABIES when we Take Our STAND against the Canaanite-Molech-Baal-"Satanist" cults that currently proliferate on Earth. The Day of Judgement has ARRIVED !! Our Judgement is "BEGONE YOU HEATH-ENS" of those High-Energy Towers on Hampstead Heath !!

      As you say, we SEE these PARASITES now, thanks to Alisa and Gabriel's testimony. ALL Thinking Feeling and Heroic adults need to heed the call and come to the Battle Field. NOW is the Time !! It will take Every One of us. We can not underestimate these DEVILS we take on. STAND at my side - For the Peace of Humanity and the Restoration of the Whenua to her pristine condition - We FIGHT !!

  2. And above is the voice of Ricky Dearman aka Tricky Demon aka Dicky Rearman. Ricky tries SO HARD to come across as suave and calm... but as you can see, he's RUNNING SCARED. The thoughts of his father Satan, who is the "Father of all LIES" are REVEALED right here. A harsh glaring spotlight on these words shows the TRUTH of what exists in your Adrenochrome-filled Heart, Ricky Dearman.

    Yup... This is the shit I have to deal with on a daily basis from this cunt.

    THIS is who we are dealing with people... one of the BIGGEST LIARS on the planet !!