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Custody of Children NOT awarded to Ricky Dearman Feb 1, 2016

Video. David Shurter: "Thousands Of Children Are Murdered In Satanic Rituals, Every Year!"

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Published on Feb 2, 2016

Ref - The judge said: "There is so much of a global focus on this case, that those kids [sic] aren't going anywhere. They're staying in foster care." - David Shurter (34:54)

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This is a very interesting interview published Feb 2, 2016 California time...

It's good to hear that Gabriel feels safe with his current foster mum <3 Ref: the Feb 1, 2016 date when a decision needed to be made regarding the custody for both Alisa and Gabriel. The children were not returned to either Ella Gareeva nor Ricky Dearman. 30:00 - 36:00

Could this be part of the reason why Ricky Dearman's attacks of me on my blog became so elevated from mid-January onwards? Maybe he Real Eyes'd at that point that my campaign on my blogs, and EVERYBODY's campaigns in every corner of the Internet to create
Public Awareness, had ACTUALLY WORKED !!

This is a post that Ricky Dearman totally mocked back in September 2015... 

So who's laughing now, RD ??

Posts from Feb 11, 2015 on my primary blog:

Dedicated blogs and a weekly news publication:

David Shurter on Facebook: (his Profile/Timeline) (his "Rabbit Hole" Page)

+ + +

I'm pretty sure there's other "David Shurter" profile/Timeline out there with the logo of the book "Rabbit Hole" on the Banner, as seen on the REAL David Shurter's website:

I have very strong suspicions that this "other" account is a FAKE account !! :-/ Yes... Another one !! Fancy that !! :-/ Please follow my reasoning:

I'm really not convinced that this other "David Shurter" account has actually been set up by the REAL :: David Shurter :: Verification coming soon... Watch this Space.

This OTHER "David Shurter" account has actually blocked a number of legitimate supporters of Alisa and Gabriel. That's a bit odd... Isn't it ??? And I can't see this account at all (it doesn't come up in my Search on Facebook), which means that I also have been blocked from this other "David Shurter" account *alarm bells*

That's all a bit weird since I have never heard of David Shurter before today in his capacity as a #Whistleblower of Satanic sexual abuse in America. Why would I be Blocked from any account that David Shurter actually owns when I never even knew this man's name until today ??

Why is it that I am Blocked from this "other" account/ Timeline and yet not Blocked from David's real account ?? It simply doesn't make sense :-/

There's more Screenshots coming in though of this other (hidden) "David Shurter" account... Please send me your screenshots in Messages or just put them on my Timeline Let's see if we can figure this out definitively.

The bottom line in all of this is: "Buyer beware". We are definitely in Wonderland when it comes to all these Shills, Trolls and FAKE accounts being set up on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter by the Satanists and Pedos. Thanks (y)

+ + +

In response to David's comments on this video - the real David in this video that is, not the fake David on the Facebook account I have been Blocked from :-/

- I personally think Ella is very naeve. Russian culture is very unaware of SRA and CSA generally. I have Russian friends here in NZ, and this information is very confusing to them. They have no point of reference whatsoever. They can't even understand the relationship between myself and my Swedish partner who is 20 years my junior. He's in his mid-30s... but my Russian friends are extremely baffled by that, as it cuts across every convention they have been raised with culturally about what a male-female relationship "should" be. It's just 'their way'.

I think this was likely the same for Ella. The possibility of these things ever happening to any child in the world I would say, would have never, ever, entered her consciousness.

No wonder Ricky Dearman got away with brutalising and terrorising these children for so long. Thank god they're out. That's all I can say.

-  BronnyNZ

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