Sunday, 6 September 2015

PART 3/3. Facebook: Get Posts SEEN. Share to Groups from your Timeline

Action: Get back to me IF YOU are ENGAGING with this material, if have found a place where you are starting to fit in, and if you are TAKING ACTION on any of the projects as set out on this blog, and especially in the "finding Groups" project. 

I'm not even going to bother writing this Post as I had intended to...  There's no way I can teach you the final stages of what I wanted to show you until you can do that most fundamental of tasks: Searching for and finding UK Facebook groups. If you can do this, I might have a shot at taking you even further, down into the "mystic magical recesses" hidden within Fakebook. 

You DO need a particular sort of mind to grapple with what i'm about to show you. Searching for Groups is just an initiation. You'll then become a Novice, after an hour of training. Then you'll move to Advanced stage in around 2-3 weeks' time, after another hours' training... then a few months after that, after working with you another hour 1-1, you should just about be a Master. 

Lots of people can't get their heads around what I try to show them. I've tried before. If you are diligent and patient ("Grasshopper"), you too will become immortalised and your name will never be forgotten in those Hallowed Halls  :P

Contact me. Thank you...

Please also see PART 1/3 and 2/3 in this series:


The work won't get done if the 99% keep standing around the sheep pen looking for a "leader". Follow your own God-given LEADER...  You are being spoken to ALL THE TIME...  Just LISTEN !!

Listen to that still small voice to find out what part in this gigantic network YOU NEED to play. We ALL have a part to play. We will not be successful without the other.


If YOU are not there, I will fail !!  That's how important YOU are !!

Over the last few weeks I have noticed a distinct pattern of NON-PARTICIPATION !!

There seems to be LOTS of "Readers" and not many "Doers".

Do you REALLY want to help The Children??  

The operative words here are "WANT" and "DO".  

Ie: it's up to YOU to be WILLING to DO !!

For each and every Action is an 
equal and opposite Re-action - Newton

Do YOU WANT Change ??

>>  Then you have to BE that Change  - Mahatma Ghandi


Tick-tock... tick-tock... 

147 Days and counting before Ella Gareeva's legal team are 
back in court, contesting RD over the children's custody. 

WE are the Game-Changers in this situation, but only IF 
we are willing to tell the World about the Hampstead children

Tell the World...  and then begins:


We are SO CLOSE now, I can SMELL IT !!

Can you see how "Cause and Effect" works ??


>> Because at the moment, people are no good to the Hampstead children, nor to ANY children in the world who you might feel so "sad" for, if you are just READING !!

>> Nor if your main activity online and in life is to stand around the sheep pen looking at each other, and WORSE STILL... if you are looking for someone to FOLLOW !!  - Then there IS no "hope" for the children of the UK. Children and babies will continue to be killed every day, as they are right now, and have objects shoved up their back passage in EXCRUCIATING PAIN AND IN TERROR by the likes of paedophiles and these Satanists.  Imagine the terror of a child about to die at knife-blade with an object rammed up them so far, they can only see 'purple' - Forgotten by the world in that state KNOWING there is no adult who is willing to to save them.

THAT IS indeed a TRAVESTY !!!!  and one which The People ARE PERMISSIONING RIGHT NOW !!  

- By keeping your Mouth SHUT !!

RECOGNISE who you are...  And Lead out with That !!

Time to ENGAGE !! 

We need ALL OF US on these Actions
... not just a few !!

How many MORE days are you planning to let slip by

while you do NOTHING except READ ??

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