Tuesday, 10 November 2015

"Coffee 'n chat" about CSA and SRA

This is a brilliant community initiative that can happen anywhere in the world, in every country, in every city, town and small community.

This idea was just put in front of me this afternoon as a "light bulb moment" had by one of my Facebook friends here in Aotearoa (NZ).  It's brilliant in its simplicity.

I've asked my friend to shine the light and show us the steps she is taking in developing this idea... I've asked my friend:
"Please let me know the nuts and bolts of how you're approaching this, what the interest is, and if you're following some kind of a format.  

Thousands of these groups could develop in every country of the world - once a week, once a fortnight, once a month...  to create awareness right where we are in our own communities. This is definitely one very good, applicable grass-roots idea.

Thank you Aileen   : )

Monday, 28 September 2015

Where did we go wrong ?? Compare Hampstead vs. European directives. Why ???

Action: Take your head out of the sand. Demand CHANGE. Talk to your local politician. Put pressure on the Authorities !!

As Deborah says in this video:  Make a noise.  Ask questions

  • Demand that Britain immediately applies EU Child Protection directives 
  • Demand immediate protection of all the children involved in this case 
  • Demand immediate arrest of suspects so they can be proven either guilty or innocent

1000 children a month are being removed from British homes.

Children right this minute are in danger.

Hampstead: Why We Can't Ignore It.

Published on Sep 24, 2015


The stealth privatisation of children’s services

Convention on the Rights of the Child

How London became the child abuse capital of the world:

A good father and a victim of a Hoax BBC Interview

EU Child Protection Directives

Crime Report: Official conspiracy to protect and defend a Hampstead Paedophile/Cult Ring
and thereby leave multiple children at continued risk and serious harm

I am depending on YOU to be my voice...

Sunday, 27 September 2015

A little Effort... BIG RESULTS !!

"Nothing will work unless you do"  - Yasmin

Absolutely! That's the point of this blog...

Even though this blog is around the Hampstead Christ Church Primary School children, Gabriel and Alisa, we can use these ideas for any Child Abuse actions.  There's around 20 great ideas on here about how people can ENGAGE! We need to Engage.

We can "hope" until we're blue in the face, 

and it will change NOTHING! 

The only way we will change any of the child abuse situations is to get stuck in... Roll your sleeves up and DO something... Anything!  Just get the ball rolling and keep it going.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Boy molested in Manchester school. Head master said: "Shut up and forget it."

How much child sexual abuse is going on in UK schools?
This testimony is from a support teacher at a Manchester school that happened in 2001.
Individuals and organisations involved in this cover up are highlighted in blue.

(1) If you're a parent in the UK and beyond, it's time you had a very frank conversation with your child about what's happening to them at school.

(2) If you have a testimony about CSA or SRA in the UK and beyond, please write it up this weekend.

Please see this article which will help guide you to write your story...

We need your story told

It's time people around the world stop hiding from the fact that these things ARE happening to our children, at the hands of trusted people, behind our backs, and IN SCHOOLS !!

Whistleblower's story: School paedophilia cover up. 

"The day that devastated my life happened 14 years ago. It's a day I will never forget - a day that would change everything." 

"Disenfranchised Teacher" tells her story...  
I was working in a school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I had been at the school for 5 years, starting off as a Special Support Assistant. I was later asked to take on training, and a position of "Successmaker Coordinator". 
I worked with pupils individually in the school library, to help bring them up to date with their education. Many had been truants or had been excluded from classes, and many students were way behind academically for their cohort.

I liked the children - they were lively and sometimes unpredictable, but we got along ok. An attitude of mutual respect developed in my classes. I was happy with the relaxed atmosphere in my workspace – the library.

I got along fine with the other teachers and support staff as well. Then suddenly one day, I noticed one of the English teachers started to be treated very badly by other staff members. Soon after, the English Teacher went on sick leave and a male supply [temp] teacher came into school as her replacement. 

I couldn't understand why she was treated like this as she had probably been the best teacher with the best results at the school. I could see there was some problem or issue as she was being ostracised. I felt it was a shame as she had helped the children so much in their learning, with improvements happening in leaps and bounds. I was told she would not be returning. 
I was given the job of emptying her desk as she was not allowed back into the school. I wondered what she could have done wrong as she was pleasant, professional and was getting great results. Her position was advertised and the new supply teacher was appointed to fill the vacancy. He quickly became part of the 'clique'. 
The school 'clique' used to spend 'Murder Mystery' weekends together. I had been invited but declined their offers, mainly as I couldn't afford it financially. I also felt I spent enough waking hours with my colleagues during the week rather than with my own children at home, so I gave it a miss.

The newly appointed supply teacher took up the position of English teacher. He had great approval from the Head teacher and Deputy Head. They seemed like close friends already. 

The structure of the school morning was that all children had to attend assembly first thing, unless they were in trouble for some reason. This had always happened, ever since I started working at the school. I noticed the replacement English teacher often held back one of the boys in his class during morning assemblies.
I also noticed that one particular boy was frequently sent out of English class, during class time. When I next worked with the boy I reminded him how he needed to catch up with his English, and that he was only doing extra work with me because he was being sent out all the time. I recommended to the boy that he should try to stay in the English class, during normal class time.   

He responded "I will be gay if I stay in there." 
I thought he was referring to English as a subject. He told me I didn't understand. 

Then he dropped a bombshell from which I was to never recover... 

He told me the new English teacher was "touching" him. He was made to sit at the back of the class at a desk by himself, and the teacher would sit in the empty seat next to him. The teacher would touch him inappropriately under the desk whilst, in the boys words: "pretending to look at my work".  He said he often decided to throw a chair or go into a rage so he would be sent out, and not get touched again. He also said two other boys were also made to sit at the back, as he was made to do.

I told him not to worry and that I would report what he had said. 
I went to see the nominated Child Protection Officer (who was also the Deputy Head), and told him about what the boy had said. I then went back to work. 

About 10 minutes later the Head Teacher came into the library pointed at me and angrily said, “You! My room NOW!" 

I followed him into his office where I was told to "forget it"
I replied that I couldn't forget it and was obliged by the LEAs Child Protection Policy to ensure that the disclosure was reported and recorded. I was shocked to be told that if I valued my job I would be wise to forget about it. I was confused and upset by this and went home not knowing what to do now.

After a long wakeful night I decided that I must stand my ground and phoned in to say I hadn't slept and would not be in school that day. I then went into my local union office where I was advised to put the disclosure into writing. I was to send this to the union office where they would stamp it and direct it to the Head of the school. I agreed and did as I was advised.

The next day I returned to work. I was immediately taken into the Head's office and told I was "snowballing" my fate, and that I had put myself "outside of the team". I was now no longer needed to run the Successmaker program and would be photo-copying and helping others as and when needed, from now on.

After this, I would be sent to classrooms and be told by the teacher, "I don't want you in here", and would be sent away. Everyone in 'the clique' stopped talking to me. Others who talked to me got the same treatment, so gradually they stopped talking too. Pieces of work that I had been instructed to do would go missing from my pigeon hole, meaning there were more and more criticisms from the senior staff.

Other ostracising incidents took place as well: I took pasta for lunch, which I put in the staff room fridge in the morning when I arrived. Later on at lunch break, I would find soiled tissue inside the container with my food; My car alarm was constantly sounding off; When I entered a room it would suddenly become silent.

I can't describe how difficult this was. I had previously been praised for my work with the children. 
The school had won an excellence award and the Head was asked to speak on live radio about the school. He was invited to choose one other member of staff to also be interviewed. He had chosen me. This was only a few months before I reported "the incident". I was removed from my previous roles and wasn't even permitted to talk to the children at breaks. If I did, somebody would stand close by and watch over me.

On my next contact with the union, the rep (first rep) who had advised me initially was not available. I was told he no longer worked there, so a new rep had been appointed to my case. 
The new rep arranged a meeting at the Local Education Office (LEO) in the council offices. I overheard the union rep whispering with a council officer that he would get me back into work. I was now on a sickness benefit with Work Related Stress. 
During the meeting, the rep (second rep) and the council officer insisted that I had been at work on the day after the boy's disclosure. But I hadn't been at all - I had gone into the union office.  How could this rep be saying that I had been at work when I had signed the Visitors Book at the union office? 

I felt very let down by the union, so I contacted another large Union who took my case on. 
Make no mistake - the Education Office was completely aware of what was going on. Their response was to stop my pay and make things even more difficult for me.

The next day at work, I was taken into the library by the Head and the Deputy and told they didn't like my attitude. 
Only a couple of months before, I had been vetted to become a foster carer. The Social Worker had told me that I was very highly valued by the school. She had been told by the Head that I had a calm and constructive attitude that produced positive results. He'd told her I was friendly, hard-working and reliable, and an asset to the school.

I returned to work after the school summer break and was told I had been "suspended" and could not enter the school. I remembered the English Teacher who this had also happened to. She wasn't allowed back into the school either, although I couldn't ever imagine that she would deserve it.

The new union allocated the area rep to deal with these issues. He was very understanding and arranged a meeting with the Head Teacher at the school to discuss the "suspension" that had prevented me from continuing work at the school. He was going to discuss the issue of "changes in my contracted duties".

At that meeting we discussed the day I had called in sick - the day I first went to the union office. 
Both the union rep and I were stunned to hear the Head say:                 He was the Head, and that the staff would say whatever he told them to say. If he said I was in school that day, so would the staff!

The rep and I were both surprised that the Head teacher had been so confident that he openly stated he would do this.

All the pupils were asking me what I had done wrong and if I was getting the sack as they could see how I was being treated at work. 
The boy who had confided in me said he wished he hadn't told me, that he wished he'd kept it to himself and just keep getting sent out of class instead, as he believed I was getting the sack. 

It was terrible that he had put his trust in me and I had told him not to worry - that I would be passing the information on and it would be ok. How wrong I was.
He was now having a harder time at school. He told me he was warned that he would be excluded [expelled] if he said anything like this again.

After the meeting with the Head, the area rep advised me to resign as he believed this was a clear case of "constructive dismissal". 
I resigned, and the union appointed a solicitor to take the case to Industrial Tribunal. Also, I had not received my last salary, and this was also to be dealt with at the tribunal.

I contacted the Low Pay Unit in Manchester to see if they would help me to determine exactly how much I was owed in unpaid salary. The woman there was very helpful and discussed what had happened at length. She also felt that it was a rock solid case of "Constructive Dismissal".

I was now struggling. How would I get another job? How would I pay my mortgage? I would need a reference, which I could see was impossible. 
I was right - 
I have never had another job that would compare financially, to this very day.

The Industrial Tribunal took two days. I had asked supportive colleagues at work if they would give testimony to what they had seen and heard, but was unable to get any support - only: 
"I have a mortgage and can't lose my job like you." 

The only witnesses at tribunal were the clique members. I was reassured when it became obvious that people were lying, making contradictory statements, and were checking with other clique members for nods or shakes of heads when asked questions.
I had given the solicitor lots of evidence – the Foster Care approval reference from the school obtained only a few weeks before the disclosure, the OFSTED report which positively praised my work, and the tape recording of the radio interview when I had supported the Head teacher. 
The solicitor didn't believe we needed it – in fact he told me to drop the unpaid salary claim as he was confident in the case of Constructive Dismissal, and that I would receive all monies owed.

Tribunal panel consisted of a Chairman, another man and a woman. The woman had picked up on the contradictions and discrepancies of the defense, and had questioned them. 
At the end of those two days as the panel returned to the room to give their verdict, I could see the woman on the panel looked upset.
The tribunal verdict given by the Chairman was that I had chosen to leave my job and that I wanted a fat sum to take with me.

I actually loved my work with the children, it was very reasonable pay, and I had the school holidays free to be with my own children. It was rewarding to see the progress the students made. It had everything I wanted from a job.
How could the chairman say something like this?

Imagine what would happen if a child made a disclosure at that school now...   
Would any staff report it? 
- After seeing what happens to those who don't "Shut up and forget it", after seeing what happened to me, I doubt it.

How many Whistleblowers have there been in all these cases of Child Sexual Abuse? How many Whistleblowers lost their homes, jobs, references, etc. for trying to protect the vulnerable?

How many Whistleblowers who cared about and previously excelled at their work, are now jobless?

How many Whistleblowers who were doing a damn good job, have now had their jobs snatched from them, for speaking out?

- Meanwhile, perpetrators keep their jobs, careers, they still work with children, are enabled to pay their mortgages so keep their homes, keep their pensions, can afford holidays, new cars, etc.

So unless people stand up and demand investigations and sentencing of these abusers, their children and grandchildren are left alone in the hands of these paedophiles; Anyone who speaks out is threatened and removed; Anyone thinking of speaking out is intimidated.

It is up to the public to force the issue and demand justice for both the abused, damaged, murdered children - and also for the Whistleblowers - those who lost everything when they tried to stop the sexual abuse of children.  

Thank you for reading what happened to me... 
by "Disenfranchised Teacher".  Manchester UK

Who are the people who kept their mouths shut?

(1)  The original English Teacher - Had she found out what was happening at the school?

The school 'clique' =>
(2)   other teachers and support staff
(3)   Head teacher
(4)   Deputy Head = Child Protection Officer

(5)   Local union office - staff and administrators

(6)   First union rep
(7)   Local Education Office (LEO) - staff and administrators
(8)   Second union rep
(9)   Council officer (LEO)
(10)  Another large Union - staff and administrators
(11)  Third union rep - "area rep" of the large Union
(12)  Solicitor
(13)  Industrial Tribunal - staff and administrators
(14)  Woman at the Low Pay Unit
(15)  Supportive colleagues at work

Tribunal panel =>
(16)  Chairman
(17)  Another man
(18)  A woman

(19)  All the pupils
(20)  T
wo other boys (victims)

And obviously:  The Perpetrators

Look at how many people sold this boy out.  


What a social TRAGEDY !!!

Only YOU as an INDIVIDUAL can fix this problem !!   


As a non-Native of Britain, I want to tell you:


When are you going to snap out of it ???

Final noteRedirect the money spent on useless political jockeying and refurbishments being done at Westminster, to chasing down the paedophiles. It's time the public got face-to-face with politicians and put the pressure on. It's time to demand that perpetrators be properly investigated by police, and for restitution be made to victims and the Whistleblowers that supported them - For restitution to be made for any losses of life-opportunity incurred. 

Enough is Enough. 

Tell the politicians our stories. 

We must draw the line here.

We must STAND UP for The Children!

They can not do it alone - 

They need our help.


- Or forever be considered an accomplice 
to the sexual abuse of children.

If you're appalled enough -


Saturday, 19 September 2015

The People's Assemblies: Take Collective Action. "Go in on YOUR terms."

Action:  Please read and get to know the "Common Law Community Training Manual".  
Start forming Communities with the people who live in your locality.

From 39:00 onwards...  We can apply these Principles for the Hampstead Actions.

Take note of "three points in guerrilla warfare"...

The people need to learn to wield and hold power for themselves.

"Keep your organisation decentralised. Get more and more people involved...  It's up to the community to take Action for themselves. We're not going to be your leaders...  We are activating the Consciousness within every Man, Woman and Child. 
"Most important is to get the ideas out. Thomas Payne:  'An army of principles can penetrate whereas an army of soldiers can not.'  We've got to get our ideas out in a massive way... then people will be thinking and those ideas will germinate, then they will take action for themselves."  - Kevin Annett.  August 16, 2015

Republic of Kanata logo and information
Broadcast Time & Date: 
Sunday, August 16, 2015 03:00 pm
Free To Listen



Thursday, 17 September 2015

Babies ABDUCTED from Loving Homes by CAFCASS UK Social Services


Can anyone else see the Elephant in the Room ??  Please watch the video.

Action:  If the politicians won't listen to this message, WE THE PEOPLE have to tell them !! WE need to ask if an Inquiry into Child Adoption policies ever took place - and if not, why not ??

Politicians' addresses below...

Tim Yeo MP accuses Suffolk Council of Kidnapping - Part 1

Uploaded on Dec 5, 2009

Social workers who forced a couple to give up their 11-week-old baby for adoption have been accused of 'child kidnap' by an MP. Staff waited until the girl's father was out before launching a raid with police at the family home to 'snatch the baby from the arms of her mother'.

Tory MP Tim Yeo used Parliamentary privilege to make the allegations in the Commons, saying Suffolk County Council had declared the couple to be unfit parents despite having no evidence of physical or emotional abuse.

'This council actively seeks opportunities to remove babies from their mothers,' he added.

'Its social work staff do so in a manner which in my view is sometimes tantamount to child kidnapping.'  - Daily Mail

Tim Yeo MP Accuses Suffolk Council of Kidnapping - Part 2

Uploaded on Dec 5, 2009
House of Commons debate, with Tim Yeo MP.

Please look at these instructions before you write to UK MPs:

MPs emails (NO BULK MAILS ALLOWED) House of Commons:

MPs emails (NO BULK MAILS ALLOWED)  House of Lords:

Easy to use template:

Personal Testimonies... CSA, SRA and Forced Adoption

Action:  Write your personal testimony up this weekend so other people can see what has been and what IS ACTUALLY going on in the world, within "ordinary" households. Young authors welcome. 

  • You may write under a nom de plume if you wish. Please include your REAL general location, eg: Cornwall - or if you don't feel safe with this just say, "South West England".
  • These stories will probably be put onto another blog and linked to this one...     eg: "The People's Stories - CSA & SRA"
  • Contributions of stories from the UK and outside of the UK are most welcome

What is your personal testimony of Child Sexual Abuse, Ritual Abuse or Forced Adoption?

- either your own childhood testimony

- a testimony as an onlooker of something you have seen

- a testimony of a parent whose child has been abused

I already have around 5 of these stories in the pipeline from people who have made personal contact with me on Facebook.  The world NEEDS to know YOUR story.

If you do not have a Facebook account, please contact me in comments below. If you leave me an email address to get back to you, I won't publish the comment.

The sorts of things adults do to children are SO heinous and so "out of this world" that many people simply can not digest that it's really going on.  Your story will help others REAL EYES that these things ARE happening in our own streets, globally.

The estimate is that one in four adults in the UK have been sexually abused... so there's around 15 MILLION stories out there !! That's a truck load !!

Please submit your story asap. We need your story to keep building the Wave we are creating for a Global Awakening that, "These things are real..."

Thank you so much.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Children are gifted to us as a TEST of our HUMANITY...

And look how POORLY we are collectively doing.

EVERYONE IGNORED this poor child.

Let's not ignore the plight of Alisa and Gabriel right now, as they live in separation from their loving mother, somewhere in the South of England. From last reports, they are separated from each other and are with their fourth foster care parents. Apparently, they are in a Tavistock psychology programme that will undoubtedly negate for themselves, everything that has happened to them in their younger years.

Dear God, protect these two young children.

It's up to us to tell the world...

Tell their story to someone you know, TODAY !!

Together we can prevent more tragedies like this one:

The Peter Connelly Story

Uploaded on Nov 27, 2008

Tracey Connelly (mother) Steven Barker (stepfather) Jason Owen (Stepfather's brother) were charged with causing or allowing the death of a child.

Tracey Connelly was sentenced to 6 years in prison. She was released in 2013.

Jason Owen was sentenced to 6 years in prison. He was also later released.

Steven Barker was sentenced to 12 years for Peter's death. He was later convicted of the rape of a 2 year old and was sentenced to life in prison in addition to the 12 years. Both sentences are to occur concurrently.

"Angel (Dusted Remix)" by Sarah McLachlan (Google PlayiTunes)

Just find your PASSION - and DO it.

Action:  Create a dance, a piece of poetry, write a song, write a speech, make a sculpture, create a drawing, make a painting, a tapestry, a work of weaving, make photographic images, make posters, write a song, write poetry, a short story, compose a piece of orchestral music...  

>>  Workshop a stage play, a screen play, make a video of the creations described above, of what The People are bringing to the world. 


WE ALL need to continue to add to the Conscious Awakening and Awareness of what is actually going on in our world...

- the KILLING and RAPE of little babies and SODOMISING of 

young children in occult, ritual events.

Dedicate all these things to Alisa and Gabriel and describe in your works the plight of what these children had to live through and endure since they were three and four years old... And dedicate your works to the plight of ALL CHILDREN in the UK who suffer these abuses on a daily basis !!

Tell the world !!

- by whatever means you have available to you...


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

SPANISH translation of the Video on its way. MORE Translators NEEDED !!!

I received very good news this morning in my Messages on Facebook...

"Hi Bronwyn, i'm busy translating the video in the link you sent me in my spare time (I work full time)."

THIS is how we DO it. We just DO it !!

You don't need "permission" from me. You won't need to get instructions, generally. You'll find all "instructions" on this blog. Then just follow your initiative.

Just find your PASSION - and DO it. 

And please let me know you're doing it so we can all be encouraged. Thank you <3

Now Please ...

Urgently needed... A Spanish-speaking Video-Maker with Espanol characters on their keyboard, who can turn our English language video into one with Spanish subtitles. You can do this once the Spanish transcription is finished by our kind volunteer here. Your Spanish language knowledge can be quite Elementary, so long as you know enough to accurately insert the subtitles into the right places on the video. 

Thanks   : ) 

YOU CREATE "Rising Global Awareness" by YOUR ACTIONS - TALK - SHARE !!

The Rising Global Awareness about the Hampstead Satanic Child Abuse and Baby Sacrifice cult is resonating through to many, many sectors where there is Intelligent Human Life. We do not know the IMPACT we are having, the world over. This is why it's SO IMPORTANT for people to keep Sharing, keep Talking, keep Posting, keep putting this information in front of our Friends and Whanau faces... because we don't know whose ears our message is coming to, who we are touching, or what sectors of society we are Challenging and catalysing Changes within. Your work sounds brilliant emwkkt2. Thank you. I STAND with you !!

You are a BRIGHT SHINING LIGHT for ALL indigenous nations to follow. Awareness of the Hampstead situation and deep concern for Humanity's babies all over the world, has bought our Maori council elders together in STRENGTH and UNITY to push again against the "The Crown Corporation" and their treatment of ALL People here in Aotearoa-New Zealand.  New laws in Aotearoa are being written, RIGHT NOW by our Elders. The People WILL take back The Earth !! Papatuanuku our Mother will cry out in agony no more for the ills her children do to their little ones  :(  

We need to be Mind Full:  It will take ALL of our Efforts to SHIFT 

this demonic Energy-vibe off this planet !! - This Lovelessness !!  

We can't just sit back and  think "somebody else is taking care of that." This mahi needs ALL of our Efforts !!  Each one of us - a Man, a Woman, a seer, a prophet, a Warrior swinging his taiaha !!  - ALL of our inputs are needed to FREE ourselves from these layers and layers and layers of corruption, indecency, crime, abhorrence, murder, corruptibility, arrogance, lies, cheating, hurt, harm, terror, and the dissassociative mind-states that result within a new generation of unfeeling psychopathic "humans", because of the HORRORS they have had to bear.

WE STAND against all things that would harm our mokopuna and all future generations to come. It's true !!  We FIGHT FOR OUR BABIES when we Take Our STAND against the Canaanite-Molech-Baal-"Satanist" cults that currently proliferate on Earth. The Day of Judgement has ARRIVED. Our Judgement is "BEGONE YOU HEATH-ENS" of those High-Energy Towers on Hampstead Heath !!

As you say emwkkt2, we SEE these PARASITES now, thanks to Alisa and Gabriel's testimony.

ALL Thinking, Feeling and Heroic adults need to heed the call and come to the Battle Field in Heart and Intent.  NOW is the Time !!  It will take Every One of us. We can not underestimate these DEVILS we take on.  STAND at my side - For the Peace of Humanity and the Restoration of the Whenua to her pristine condition - We FIGHT !!

We return to Consciousness once more in Full Integrity and STAND !!

WE The People of the Earth NOW Take Our STAND !!!

BABYLON is Falling !!


Monday, 14 September 2015

Thank you blog authors for Redirecting Traffic to "Hampstead Actions"

Thank you for redirecting traffic to the “Hampstead Actions” blog. 

The blog is mine. I created it. Ella and Abe had a look at it after i’d put up the first post. We talked about some of the ideas I had to help people become directly involved – a global initiative. They were happy with that, and off I went. None of the ideas have come from Ella and Abe, but they have been EXTREMELY happy with what I am doing...

I’m very much for people “contributing”, ref: Ubuntu Contributionism, and have for many decades been a proponent of Affirmative Action initiatives. 

I see no point in large numbers of people sitting on their hands continually reading blog posts and websites, while we continually FEED them, MORE and MORE... just to satisfy their gluttony. People have become accustomed to being spoon fed and “forget” that they could easily be DOING something that would have an impact on the Global Structures.

That’s what the “Hampstead Actions” blog is all about... Giving people ideas of how they can participate. Ella and Abe don’t seem to know how online media works in terms of grabbing a hold of, and keeping an audience’s attention. I did a Journalism course here in NZ last year and have been engaging on Forums, blogs, Facebook since late 2010 – so I have ideas a-plenty. That's how and WHY this blog started. I could see a gap in our efforts and endeavours... This IS an Actions initiative. 

Please ANYONE...  feel free to contact me if you have any ideas yourself of Actions people could be DOING. We simply need to keep undermining the foundations of this House of Cards, and it WILL Fall Down...  Babylon IS Falling !!

I agree... The story of the "Hampstead Cover-up" had every potential to be AMAZING !! But there was no leadership from the front. THIS has most certainly been my message to Ella and Abe of late:  "It’s time for them to step out of the shadows and start bring us updates from their OWN mouths... Enough already of ‘bandying information about’ and having it put out into the public eye by some Third Party." I fully agree with people there... 

They need to Man Up and take the lead !!

For me, Hampstead is the crowbar needed to lift the rock labelled: 

“The Over-Arching macro-systems that govern this world”

These macro-systems have come about by very sneaky, deceptive means indeed – as Anastasia the Powerful and at times Psychologically VIOLENT warrior of the Vedrus tells us in “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” books.  Some people have entirely the wrong idea about Anastasia. When you read the books, you'll certainly understand what I mean. As much as she is a "fairy book" personality, you don't want to get in her way !!!

The Veil is Lifting. The People are seeing...  AND we need to keep APPLYING ourselves - every One of us... not just the bloggers, the video-makers, the politicians, the news reporters... but EVERYONE !! 

We ALL have a part to play in creating this 
Wave of Consciousness that will sweep the planet.

Also: Please don’t listen to those people who would whisper in your ear about me.  I’ve blocked many Trolls... many fence-sitters... many rubber-neckers.  I even block generally annoying people who "don't get it" and who hold me up in chat   :-/  I really don’t have the Time or the Energy for them, so they get moved on pretty quickly by me.

As well: English “nicety” meets NZ Colonial “brashness” doesn’t suit the UK audience. I’ve traditionally had a U.S. audience on my blogs. Only the English seem to cling to their "Tavispeak" for dear bloody life, and DO NOT call "a Spade a Spade".  Baffling behaviour !!!

- Everyone else in the Western world just calls it what it is.... Or haven't you noticed ??  And so do I.  And screw people if they don’t like it !!  I don't expect to be everybody's "cup of tea"...  and you certainly won't find me crying into MY cup of tea if I can't "please" you. It's not my problem.  Grow up... and SEE things for what they ARE !!!!

The “blood red” on the blog is absolutely on purpose...  to REMIND us of the ACTUALITY of what we're fighting against...  and because it’s the colour of “urgency”  >>>

We now only have 4.5 months until the 

Custody case comes up again in London.  

Tick-tock… Tick-tock... 

Are you just going to keep Spectating ?? Or are you actually going to “BE the Change” as Ghandi told us to be ??  It’s up to us to bring that change in through the door !! There are no saviours outside of ourselves !!  It’s up to us !!

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Thank you.

Exposing CSA & SRA Worldwide
Exposing CSA & SRA Worldwide, by Bronwyn Llewellyn: Focus on institutional child abuse in the UK and beyond. Archives back to 15-3-15.


Sunday, 13 September 2015


Action:  Are you able to read in English then translate into another language? This project would be ideal for a group of people to undertake, then you can divide the work up.

This video is in English language. We first need a TRANSCRIPT of it in ENGLISH, then we can give these English print transcripts to people who can TRANSLATE into their own language. 


Published on Mar 9, 2015

PLEASE MAKE VIRAL, supporters of the Gareeva Children 

Satanic sexual abuse ritual has been going on for Centuries...


Saturday, 12 September 2015

TELL OTHER PEOPLE. It's as simple as that !!

Have you ever noticed how distractible people are?  Online, people move in waves across the internet from one tasty tid-bit to the next... greedily consuming what gets put up every day...

Right from the outset, the SINGULAR FOCUS the community of "Hampsteaders" needed to have was:

"Tell other people".  

Why hasn't this happened up to now ?? 

We only have to look at recent releases of interviews with Ella and Abe to see that people, (1) either don't know where the information is (no central rallying point) or, (2) that once people FIND the information, they're not sharing it on to anybody else.  Video links here:

Hampstead Cover-up Update & The State of Pederasty in the UK - WBB156 extended version
- by Pineconeutopia published August 20, 2015. 977 Views

Hampstead Cover-up Ella & Abe Interview The State of Pederasty in the UK WBB156 extended version
- by Guidance 2222 published August 20, 2015. 1043 Views

A total of 2020 Views in 3 weeks. You've got to admit, that's pathetic !!

This is NOT the way to get this information out into the world... through YOU NOT TELLING anyone. This "feeding" and "non-sharing" behaviour has stalled the process of information dissemination for the "Hampstead Cover-up". We are simply becoming fatter and fatter under the weight of more and more knowledge... but we are keeping the feasting table all to ourselves.


Where have some of these distractions come from, that are 'binding up' the release of the Hampstead information to a wider global audience?  Here's a few suggestions so you can look out for these distracting elements in the future...

Jacqui Farmer, aka Charlotte Ward, aka Charlotte Alton - the queen of the long distracting video, and;

Neelu Berry, aka Ved Chaudhari - the queen of getting arrested, and;

Christine Ann Sands (false identity) - the queen of the fog-horn voice, the FBI Informant unhidden, and;

RD aka "Scarlet Scoop" on Hoaxtead, aka "Jacqui Farmer" on YouTube, aka "Pookster" on YouTube, plus many other akas he hides behind - the king of arrogance, and;

Sabine McNeill - the queen of the petition, Belinda McKenzie - the queen of Tavispeak, Det. Ray Savage - the king of promoting the government as "defender of the people" (which we all know they're not), Maloney - the king of "I will do the job single-handedly", Gerish - the king of "I won't talk about the elephant in the room", et al...

ALL of these entities distracted The People OFF THE COURSE of "Telling Other People".  

Look at all the nonsense that has gone on up to this point...
such as petitions that WE KNOW will make no difference whatsoever in the "real" world; long scrupulously devised videos outlaying the tiniest of details of the case, and painfully longer "poor me" ones; numerous arrests that could easily have been avoided by censoring one's behaviour; generally, lots of noise... lots of DISTRACTION....  and WHY ???

Because the EGREGOR (controlling spirit) over 

Satanic Child Sacrifice and BLOOD DRINKING RITUAL, 


Oh yes...  I AM talking about the Spiritual Realm again...


We CAN NOT avoid the Spiritual-Satanic side of 
what the children were a Witness to 
and were FORCED to be a Party of.

Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Once the Truth of what The Children have disclosed to us goes Global, 

ALL of the systems that currently Kontrol humanity, WILL FALL !! 

There is NO WAY the Puppet Masters will continue to Stand once the 

Truth of the SATANIC ACTIVITIES that occurs DAILY on this Planet 

is FULLY EXPOSED to the world.  

This is the GIFT that A & G have given us. 

And we have not been using their gift wisely at all!

We have ONE job to do...


It's that simple.

If people want to get caught up into this and that... into side tunnels, rabbit holes, what RD is doing these days, who the other perpetrators might be, if cannabis can be used to treat the Satanists, if Shamanic Drum circles can make a difference, if Jesus will come in and save the children, if doing yoga or chanting Buddhist "Nam myoho renge kyo" will help bring the children home or protect them or put the whole thing on a better course...  !!

... Or if the Pope is going to take over America in September 2015, and if the Jewish "50 Year of Jubilee", the "Year of the Schemitah" is going to lead to a HUGE share market crash on September 23, 2015 which will supercede the 1929 crash........

Guess what !! ??


WHAT WE NEED to do, is to get people's 

VERY DISTRACTIBLE MINDS to re-focus on this singular thing:


That's it. That's the simplicity of the mission:


"We are the CHANGE we want to see in this World..."  
- Ghandi


BE that Change !!  

Open your mouth and talk !!

Nobody else is going to walk this walk or talk this talk for us.  

WE must do it !!


It's up to us !!

This is the ONLY thing we have to do...

all the side issues and simply, come back to the PRIMARY MATERIAL  - the children's First Person Testimony... Archived February 11, 2015 on my blog.


I have been sending out this SAME message to the world from my very first post on the Hampstead case, in early February. My message has remained the same... LONG BEFORE I came into contact directly with Ella and Abe, which happened some time in April. Here are some excerpts from my 11 February post on the "Co-creating" blog:

WE ALL need to spread the word... and send this information FAR AND WIDE on Facebook and Twitter.  
If WE don't become the children's voice, nobody is going to hear what has happened, and what IS happening right NOW.  
It's up to US !!! WE the PEOPLE of the World. WE need to become "the media". Because the msm is NOT going to cover any of this. It's up to us.  
It's time YOU Acted - Wherever you are in the world, please commit to keeping this information in front your networks. Don't let them forget !!  
Enough is Enough !! Please DO something !! Don't just sit there reading this article... You have been conditioned to be a spectator - TV, sports, music.... Most of you leave it to the "news" media, to "experts", or to bloggers like myself. 

Well, it's time to STOP being a spectator on the sidelines !! 
The TIME for ACTION is NOW !!!  

Share, talk, listen to videos, listen to radio shows, search for articles, go to the blogs and websites linked above. 


My message remains the same:

 We need to FLOOD the world with that video.  

Here >>

That is how SIMPLE our task is, 

and yet we have NOT been doing it !!

WE ARE the ONLY media that is 

going to touch this material !!

It's up to us !!  And people following this case right from the get-go NEVER EVER seemed to get this vision. All MOST people wanted to do was find more and more "information"...  not to spread the word.

Getting more information does not get the PRIMARY information OUT !!

139 DAYS AND COUNTING until Ella's lawyers are back in court, contesting RD for custody of The Children.

It's not too late to grab onto this vision now !!

This MUST BE our focus now for the next 5 months when the custody case comes up again in London.

If we ALL Grabbed a Hold of this vision, 


before the end of September.

This is how we turn the tide on this Planet...