Wednesday, 26 August 2015


This blog is about to LAUNCH a whole series of initiatives that will only have success IF YOU DECIDE to participate in them. Without YOUR PARTICIPATION, we are DOOMED to fail. This is the BLUNT TRUTH. We have no "budget", there is no "Foundation", there are no employees !! WE ARE IT !! We are workers, activists, Truth Seekers, who all pool our efforts now to ERADICATE Satanic Child Sexual Abuse and Baby Sacrifice FOREVER !!! WE Are the Ones WE have been waiting for !!

I am just like you... a partly employed woman with a computer who has been financially screwed over by this system, and who now puts the rest of her time and efforts into Social Justice causes online - with NO PAY !! We work together - ALL OF US as One - to bring the children of Ella Gareeva back to their mother... PERMANENTLY !!! - And following that, we AVIDLY PURSUE the DESTRUCTION of ALL CAUSES that leads to the grievous mortal injury, maiming and DEATH of young children and babies in every corner of the world. We FIGHT for the world's little ones !!

What WE DO as Participants of this project ABSOLUTELY EFFECTS an outcome in a household, in a community and for a whole country - somewhere in the world!

Yes !! - That's how POWERFUL YOU ARE !! : )

Here are the Views for the "adrenochrome" post for the last 24 hours:

United Kingdom - 43
United States - 36
New Zealand - 31
Australia - 7
Ireland - 4
Italy - 3
Norway - 2
Argentina - 1
Brazil - 1
Canada - 1

From the chart above, we can really see that Sharing has slowed down.
The solution is: Keep Sharing.

We now see our shares are even starting to reach into South America, and other countries in the European Union. I hope by showing you these statistics, you can see the DIRECT CONSEQUENCES of your Shares and that when YOU stop sharing, views of our posts also drops off accordingly. Cause - Effect. Cause - Effect.

Thank you to all 600+ people who have viewed this post in the last 3 days. We DO certainly invite you to participate with our future projects.

Please note: We seek PARTICIPANTS... NOT an "AUDIENCE".

I thank you in advance for YOUR PARTICIPATION as we move ahead. The human capacity is enormous. We now move forward TOGETHER with our eyes FIXED on the target - of getting these children home to Ella.

On Facebook as:  Bring the Children HOME !!

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