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PART 2/3. Facebook: Get Posts SEEN. Share to Groups from your Timeline

Action:  FIND FACEBOOK GROUPS and Join !!   :)

Please go to this article below and listen to the audio. It's very helpful.

Also:  If you missed it, Part 1/3 is HERE and Part 3/3 is HERE

Article:  Why Join Facebook Groups?

Published January 19, 2015 
One of the biggest reasons to join Facebook groups is the visibility and networking they offer... Groups are also more visible because people who belong to the group get notifications about new posts, which tends to keep the discussions going.

How do you find Groups?

A.  Through your own Group Directory

1)  Go to your Home News Feed or any Facebook Group and scan down the left-hand side. You will eventually get to "Groups". When you hover your cursor to the right of the word "Groups" an invisible word will appear...  "More".  Click on "More" as it is an active button, not just a label, and it will take you somewhere else.

2)  You will end up on a page that looks a bit like this. This is your Groups Directory. Your Directory might look empty if you haven't joined any groups yet. That's not a problem. Just click on "Suggested Groups" and "Friends Groups".  You'll see long lists of Groups that are possible for you to join.

Sometimes, these tabs don't work. Don't panic. Fb are just doing maintenance. Come back later on to your Groups Directory and try again.

3)  Just scroll down these lists until you see a Group where you would be able to Share Hampstead Cover-up posts to, and CSA and SRA posts as well.

Here is one of my "Suggested Groups" where I could post this subject-matter to:

Just click on:  + Join Group. You will soon see a little message saying: "Message sent". An administrator will let you onto the Group some time in the next 24 hours or so, as long as they like the look of your Profile.

Sometimes, you won't be allowed onto the group because of the sorts of posts the Group's Admin sees on your Timeline, your manner or your style of writing. That's fine. Admins get very good at picking up on personalities through what they see on people's Timelines. They may get some kind of a "hunch" about you that you're going to drop lots of Hell-fire and Brimstone bombs on their nice little peaceful group. They might not be up for that. That's absolutely their judgement call. Please don't harass them or send PMs (personal messages) demanding to know why they won't let you on. New Members are let on the Group at the Group Admin's discretion. That's part of their job. If they don't like the look of you, they don't like the look of you. End of story... and move on... Please never take such things personally. The world has much bigger issues to deal with than how to keep YOU happy !!  ;)

B.  Through your Friends' Group lists.

You've probably noticed people who are posting quite regularly on these subjects. Go to their Timeline then scroll down looking on the left-hand sidebar. You'll go through Movies, Books... etc, and eventually you'll come to "Groups".  Some people have no Groups. That's their choice. It's whatever works for them. Just start again and find somebody who does have some Groups. Click on the word "Groups". It's a button and will take you to another place...

So here I am on my Friend's Group list... there's 37 Groups here. I see i've "Joined" some already, but there are a LOT of good Groups here that i'll join now. Just click on + Join for any Groups that appeal to you. A message will appear that says "Request Sent". That's all you have to do. The Group's Admin will Accept you onto the Group in due course...

C.  By putting in Key Words in the Facebook Search box.

You can be anywhere on Facebook to use the Search box.
Here's my own Timeline... I'll do these Searches from here.

Before you begin, you will see your own name in the Search box, or the name of the Friend, Group, Page, Event, Note or Photo that you're on. As I say, it really doesn't matter where you are on Fb to do these Searches.

I think it's a good idea to use Google Maps when doing Searches...

This map shows you all the Provinces or Regions within the UK and Ireland.  It gives you a "feel" for where everything is...  Please click on it to be redirected to the website...

United Kingdom, England, UK, printable blank map, royalty free

This is a Map of UK and Ireland

From these maps you will be able to put 100s of Key Words into the Facebook Search engine.

eg: I am looking for anti-Child Abuse groups, so that's what i'll put into the Search engine (Search box). I get a lot of hits. I am looking for GROUPS - not Pages, not Communities, not Directories. The Groups will show up as "Public Group" or "Closed Group". This is exactly what you're looking for.

For each of these Groups, I go "Right Click" then "Open in a new tab".  I then look at each of these groups and make sure it's what i'm looking for. The first Group tab I go to is a wonderful surprise - You never know what's out there until you look! This Group of 94 members is a re-start from a group of 4000 Members that was shut down suddenly by Facebook. It's a PERFECT Group to Join, with quite a story to tell.

Anti Child Abuse Liberation Front

I select "Join Group", then close the Tab... x    I don't need to leave that Group open any longer. An Administrator will let me on to their Group when convenient.  So I close the Tab.

I look at my next Group which is a very small group of around 16 Members. I click onto the Members button and find 16 very young-looking mainly Philippinos. It might be strange for me to join since i'm a semi-retired Western woman - but we want to engage an international audience and bring them in, so i'm going to join here too.

Anti-child abuse

I join this Group with mild suspicion knowing that some of these regions in the South Asia area are "sex capitals" of the world.  This page could belong to a Pimp who is advertising his stable. I'll just take it at face value for now, and Request to Join. If this Group is the latter, I would doubt if this Administrator would approve me. If that happens, i'll just tuck that information away so I can report them to Internet Crimes later on. I'm not getting distracted right now because I have a job to do - to get this Post written, and it's easy enough to Search again later and report. Mental Note made !!

I DO think this group is genuine !! But you DO have to keep your wits about you when applying for Groups. There's certainly two UK "Child Abuse" groups i've joined in the past who I later Real Eyes'ed were there for the purposes of BRINGING Child Abusers together !!

So you do need a bit of "street smartz" when you're out and about on Facebook. Please remember: Fb protect the paedarests. Fb is FULL of child abuse activity and images. Easily found. I don't try because I don't want to, but i've certainly seen such images on Fb before. I reported it, then had Fb reply to me saying they could see nothing wrong with the Images on the Timeline. That was around 2 years ago. I've woken up a LOT more since those pleasant "innocent" days.

My third tab:

This Group looks USA-based with a lot of young black people in it.  The Group hasn't been used for a long time... 2010, but i'll Request anyway, and see what happens. An overseas audience is perfect !!

Aright...  I'm changing my Key Words now. I'll start with "Child Abuse". There's a few groups here... I see 3 Groups here. I'll Right Click and check these out, and join them...

It's time now to go through the towns and cities on the Maps.  I'm going to use "Child Abuse" as my basic key words and add town names next to them, based on what I see on my maps.

I'm actually finding i'm not getting many results.  I'm putting this down to: that People in the UK don't want to acknowledge the "Elephant in the Room."

I take out "Child Abuse" and just search for town and city names...

I go for "London UK" and find some Communities. I can put my posts on these. "Manchester UK" has a few Communities and a couple of Groups.  btw. both London and Manchester will have LOTS of Groups. But because I don't live in that geographical location, that's probably why i'm not receiving many results when I do my searches from here in New Zealand.

"Bradford UK" has some Anonymous Groups and some political party Groups.  Join these  :)

"Aberdeen Child" has a few good possibilities...

"Dublin Child" has some good possibilities...  and so does "Dublin Groups".

Try "Leeds Groups", "Sligo Groups", "Glasgow Abuse", "Cornwall Abuse", and so on.

Many of these are Communities=Pages and not usable for our purposes. But you can get to know the administrator on those PAGES (Communities) and ask them if they'd be prepared to put up a Group where Members could come on to, and have these discussions more easily on the Group platform.

These suggestions and conversations need to come from you... I have neither the time nor the energy to be making such contacts. I've been here another 11.5 hours again today, just doing "print media" stuff (blog writing for Hampstead Cover-up) and a few hours of promotions (sharing). It will take ALL of us Engaging to get this work done. We can not depend on a "Front Person" such as Bill Maloney or Brian Gerrish to get this work done... nor me or Ella or Abe. We ALL need to Engage and get used to NOT passing the buck...

We need to get out of that way of thinking and into, 
"It's up to me".

That's right.  It IS up to you.

So Please make these contacts, start having these conversations, and we WILL Change the World according to how WE want it to be. And please explain to these PAGE owners what the advantages are of them starting a GROUP for their regional location... to attract members, have good involved conversations, members can post what they're finding (Note: on a Page, other people's posts only show up in the sidebar, and no-one ever looks there), more people can become Members who wouldn't normally join these conversations - particularly if it's a Closed Group shut off from the rest of the world.

If you find any Community/Page owners who are happy to start a Group for their region, but don't know how to put a Group up, please get in touch with me. You need to be the liaison between your contact and me. I can put their Group up for them. It only takes me 5 minutes.
I will immediately make you and your Contact the Group's Admins. You need to carry the responsibility for the Group... not myself. I'm just here to support you while you get going  :)

I will just need a Name for the Group, they need to have an Image on their hard-drive pre-saved so that can go up straight away (minimum of 450 x 250. Larger than this is better), and they need to have some text pre-written for their Group Description.

Easy as !!  Done !!  We need these Groups set up for all over the UK. Can you help liaise with Community = PAGE owners to set up Groups? Let me know if you're liaising with Page-Community owners. Thanks  :)

Thank you  xxx

Please go to Part 3 HERE

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