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Internet help us children PLEASE :'( 18+ viewers

Published on Apr 12, 2015

Hello viewers. Im here to ask everyone for help. Here in the UK we have a huge paedophile problem which has been going on for many many generations and decades. It has been able to continue due to the scale of it, as its runs from the top of power to the bottom. Our UK governments have known of it and failed the BRITISH people and more importantly the CHILDREN being raped.

Now with the rise of the internet it has become impossible for the Governments and police force to hide it. Pandora's box has been blown wide open.

Normally you would think that would kick start action and arrest. BUT NO NOTHING : ( UK press is corrupt, UK government and house of parliament are corrupt, and the public so unaware to the extent of paedophilia, or just feel helpless to do anything about it.


Make it Viral World Wide. 


Share this video or any of the links and get this ball rolling. 

HELP CHILDREN NOW AND PAST... so easy to do. 

Imagine what you would do for a lost child, a crying child, a child in danger. 

We would move mountains. So let's do that everyday. 

SHARE! Get friends to share don't give them anywhere to hide. 

Thank you for watching and PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

Take your pick of the 100s of links to real abuse and SHARE EVERYDAY.

THANK YOU - Harry Marlow

Search results for: "UK government child abuse cover up" >>>


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  1. im just happy to help abused children past and present